Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Mobile Forum Support 


###Important Update:

July 2016 is now mobile friendly designed and its layout is adjusting for all devices and screens. No additional app is required to use the site and the message boards. The apps that were previously suggested are not maintained anymore and may no longer work for your devices. It's recommended to uninstall them.



Older Mobile Support Solution

When you're on the go and you just want the quick and skinny version of our user forums, you can access them from your Android or Iphone via the Forum Runner application.  The forums ARE accessible via most mobile browsers; however, the application strips down the content and allows the boards to load much faster.

There are two versions, Free & Pro, of Forum Runner available for you in your app store.   The free version allows you to browse the forums, but you can not reply or create new threads.  The pro version, sells for $1.99, allows ALL the same features of regular website, including attaching images directly from your device.   The pro version also allows for push notifications.  If you're not familiar with push, it would be like getting a notification of a text message when someone responds to a thread you SUBSCRIBED to.  Yes, subscribed, no need to worry about getting alerted 300 times a day.

To get started, visit your app store and find the forum runner application.  Once its installed, you search for in the directory and either add it to your favorites or create a shortcut to your desktop.  For more details on the application visit the app developer.

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