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24 July 2014, 13.30
Aramis Ramirez and the Brewers...
Aramis Ramirez wants to play for another few years. Could he stay in Milwaukee for that time? Brewers third baseman Aramis Ramirez turned 36 years old last month, is in his 17th Major League season, and just played in.....
24 July 2014, 13.30
Brewers and Mets close out the...
The last time these two clubs met the Brewers took 2 out of 3. They won't do that again...because they're playing 4 games so the Brewers will probably win 3 or 4. Hey! The Brewers won a bunch of games and the rest of the.....
24 July 2014, 05.30
What we learned: July 24, 2014
Today's lessons include a new draft pick, statistical analysis, and music selection. Yesterday's Results Brewers 5, Reds 1 Mark Reynolds went 3-for-4 with 3 RBI to break out of his slump, hitting two home runs in the.....
23 July 2014, 13.01
MLB Draft Lottery Results: Big...
The Brewers scored big time in this year's draft lottery. Well folks, I had hoped to come here to tell you that the Brewers got the first pick in the first round of the competitive draft lottery. Unfortunately I can't do.....

Cubs and Brewers Articles

15 May 2013, 10.00
Rizzo Deal
The Chicago Cubs have made a lot of mistakes in the last few years, but they hit a homerun with the recent signing of Anthony Rizzo. Now, the club hopes that the first baseman of the future will hit plenty of home runs to help.....
12 May 2011, 17.10
Brewers Cubs Rivalry
Two divisional teams separated by a few miles and state line and two fan bases who don't like each other.  Those are the ingredients of good rivalry.  The Cubs & Brewers rivalry will never match the Yankees & Red Sox, or even.....
27 April 2011, 09.45
Brewers Center Fielder
Our favorite Milwaukee Brewer to hate is getting hot and showing signs that he can actually take a walk.    There is no questioning the mans ability on defense and pure speed on the base paths, but now he starting to also.....
26 April 2011, 16.26
Byrd to the Nats Rumor, By Stache
Its bleacher nation, so not sure how credible of a source he has. But he does start of the article saying "Usual rumor caveats apply - I trust this source, but you can never be 100% sure about these things. Still, you're all.....

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