• 81 Cubs Minor Leaguers Punch Tickets to Mesa

    81 Cubs minor leaguers will be reporting to the Cubs Under Armour Performance Center at Mesa Riverview Park over the Read More
  • What We Learned: Stopping the party

    The Brewers were the party killers yesterday as their win prevented Cubs fans from celebrating yesterday (at least for a Read More
  • Financing suspended for a Triple-A stadium in San Antonio; moving plan for Colorado Springs in doubt

    With the financing not happening for a new Triple-A stadium, the chances of the Brewers leaving Colorado Springs in the Read More
  • Brewers Were Reportedly Awarded Claim to Yasiel Puig; Ryan Braun Said to be Part of Trade Talks

    Holy crap, you guys. According to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, the Milwaukee Brewers were awarded the revocable waiver claim Read More
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Saturday, October 01, 2016


Welcome to Brewers Cubs Club House!

News and Discussion Forum for the Brewers Cubs rivalry. 


About the Rivalry

Two divisional teams separated by a few miles and state line and two fan bases who don't like each other.  Those are the ingredients of good rivalry.  The Cubs & Brewers rivalry will never match the Yankees & Red Sox, or even the Cubs & Cardinals, nonetheless, it is a good rivalry.



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Brewers Cubs Rivalry

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