• Brewers @ Cubs: Garza vs Cahill (Game 117; first of two)

    Let’s play one—then wait around in the clubhouse for a few hours, then play another one! Tags: 2016 Season Game Thread Read More
  • Brewers @ Cubs: Anderson vs Hammel (Game 118; second of two)

    Thank you, sirs. May we have another? Tags: 2016 Season Game Thread Read More
  • 70% of the 2016 Milwaukee Brewers

    With the trade deadline in the rearview and a talent infusion into the upper ranks of the minor leagues, the Read More
  • What We Learned: Swept in Chicago

    The Cubs finished their four-game sweep of the Brewers yesterday in another game that wasn't nearly as close as the Read More
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Friday, August 26, 2016


Welcome to Brewers Cubs Club House!

News and Discussion Forum for the Brewers Cubs rivalry. 


About the Rivalry

Two divisional teams separated by a few miles and state line and two fan bases who don't like each other.  Those are the ingredients of good rivalry.  The Cubs & Brewers rivalry will never match the Yankees & Red Sox, or even the Cubs & Cardinals, nonetheless, it is a good rivalry.



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Brewers Cubs Rivalry

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