• Non-Tender Surrender

    The Cubs decided last Friday to add four minor leaguers who were eligible for selection in next month's MLB Rule Read More
  • Milwaukee City Council votes to ban smokeless tobacco at Miller Park

    If the mayor signs off on the ordinance, anyone caught dipping in the dugout could face a $250 fine from Read More
  • The Last Out.

    It's the bottom of the 10th. The Cubs are up by a run on the Indians in the last seconds Read More
  • A Cubs World Series Win Means Both Hope and Discouragement for the Milwaukee Brewers

    If the Cubs can win it all, so can anybody. Right? The Chicago Cubs won the World Series. That is Read More
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Wednesday, December 07, 2016


Welcome to Brewers Cubs Club House!

News and Discussion Forum for the Brewers Cubs rivalry. 


About the Rivalry

Two divisional teams separated by a few miles and state line and two fan bases who don't like each other.  Those are the ingredients of good rivalry.  The Cubs & Brewers rivalry will never match the Yankees & Red Sox, or even the Cubs & Cardinals, nonetheless, it is a good rivalry.



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Brewers Cubs Rivalry

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